ISUG-TECH Partnerships

    ISUG-TECH partners with various companies and organizations around the globe in order to better serve the SAP technical user community.

    Our goal is to provide the most information possible to our users, which is best achieved by connecting the vendors and the users. The Partner Program provides a vehicle for vendors and service providers to participate in chapter meeting events and communicate to the SAP technical user group community. Amongst the other significant benefits, our Partners are able to send product information to our world-wide membership, plus have the ability to conduct user surveys or polls providing invaluable feedback that can't be obtained by any other means.

    Each year our members renew their memberships, so our contact lists remain current. The same is true for our Partners since we want to assure that we are providing the most current product information and introduce those who are setting the trends.

    Many Partners offer their own benefits directly to the SAP users, including discounts on software, consulting, training, conferences, and seminars. Experts who work for our Partners often share their extensive technical expertise by participating in ISUG-TECH chat groups, forums, and Special Interest Groups (SIGs).

    Our current partners can be viewed on bottom of our home page.

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