One of the major benefits ISUG offers its members is a subscription to the ISUG Technical Journal. This monthly journal publishes major technical articles written by you, our ISUG members and users, on topics of interest to DBAs, developers, and other users of SAP products. The information it contains is practical, straightforward news you can use – full of sample syntax, techniques, and personal experiences – written for a variety of experience levels. We also publish updates on user conferences and reports on enhancements, board of directors meetings, and other relevant information.

    Readers who wish to contribute to the body of technical knowledge on SAP products are encouraged to write for the Journal. Click here for more information.

    We keep all of the archives of the Technical Journal online as well. Our archives are accessible by all paid ISUG members or paid subscribers, whereas non-paying members may only read the current issue through our online eReader.

    Please bear in mind that information in the older articles is most likely not applicable to more recent versions of the product covered in the article. These articles are maintained for both historical purposes, and for those users who find themselves having to maintain an older application or database.

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