ISUG-TECH Enhancements Process

    One of the most important roles played by ISUG-TECH members is that of helping to improve SAP's Sybase products. Through the enhancements request process, members draw on their own experience to suggest fixes and new ideas for the future releases. Any member may submit an enhancement request, but only those with paid memberships/subscriptions Regular Members may vote on enhancements in the system. (Join ISUG now)

    How the Submission Process Works

    All enhancements requests submitted by members (using the Enhancement Request Form) are sent to ISUG-TECH's enhancements committee. Once the request is approved the following steps are taken:

    1. The request is added to the website .
    2. A confirmation is sent to the submitter.

    At this point members can now rank the request and provide comments. The requests that score highest both in voting and in needs stated in the comments will be submitted to SAP's Customer Connection Program for consideration. The SAP/Sybase engineers who subscribe to the list will be able to give us an indication if plans for that request already exist.

    The Voting Process

    ISUG-TECH uses an absolute voting process. Each request is given a vote independent of any other requests. Members may cast one of 6 possible votes:

    5: Needed 2: Not Recommended
    4: Recommended 1: Not Needed
    3: Undecided 0: No Vote (does not affect average)
    Enhancement Status

    Once submitted, the status of an enhancement will change based on where it is in the process:

    ♦ Open For Voting
    Enhancement has been accepted by ISUG-TECH as a valid request. Because the CCP is a cyclical process, new enhancements may be in this status until the next cycle begins. However, members should be voting on enhancements in this status so they can be considered as focus topics for the CCP.
    ♦ Under consideration Enhancement has been submitted to the SAP CCP for consideration.
    ♦ CCP Subscriptions Required
    Enhancement has been reviewed for consideration as a focus topic by SAP and now requires member subscription in the CCP process.
    ♦ Need more information This enhancement was not clear to SAP engineering so requires additional information before it can be reconsidered.
    ♦ Not planned SAP will not be implementing this enhancement. A reason should be provided as to why not. Note that enhancements that are rejected for the current CCP cycle can be resubmitted for the next cycle; those enhancements are not included this status.
    ♦ Planned for a future release Enhancement is now in the engineering process.
    ♦ In current product This status shows that the enhancement has successfully navigated the system and is now in a released version of the product!

    Note that ISUG-TECH also has product entries for third party products.  In those cases, the enhancement requests are handled by the vendor rather than SAP, but the status shown in the enhancement system is reflective of where that request is in their system, not the SAP CCP.

    Note: The development, release, and timing of any features and functionality described for SAP's Sybase products remains at SAP's sole discretion. Any forward looking information on this website, including stated plans for new features and enhancements, is intended to outline SAP's general Sybase product direction and should not be relied on in making a purchasing decision.


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