Comprehensive MDA Tables Training for ASE DBAs
    Cost effective ASE 15 Performance and Tuning Training from a master ASE Instructor and DBA.
    Web based delivered, globally available 24/7 on your computer with hands-on exercises!

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    Get skills and knowledge to help you quickly identify and address bottlenecks in your ASE databases.

    We've all been there. Your database is sluggish. Your users are calling you up complaining about how their queries are taking forever. But finding where the real problem lies is proving to be elusive. You know that Sybase ASE has these MDA Tables, but you're really not sure how to use them to find your problem.

    And now you, and your boss, are ruing the decision not to take the MDA Tables Training course from ISUG and eLearnIT!

    This course walks you through installing the MDA Tables and using the information in them to help you identify: choke points within a system, production tables killing performance due to table scans, overworked devices, under-used caches or users that destroy performance because of stored procedure they run. Armed with this information, you can rapidly take remedial actions to speed up production response times and reduce down times. Tuning becomes easier due to the straightforwardness of the information in these tables.

    When you have completed this course you will know how to install the MDA Tables to effectively get and interpret the information they contain in order to apply it to improve database performance. You will leave with an enormous array of comprehensive strategies for improving the performance of SQL code and the overall performance of the ASE instance.

    All eLearnIT / ISUG courses are comprehensive, up to date, rich media, web delivered, self paced and available 24/7 via subscription to its learning portal. They include text, audio descriptions, video demonstrations, lab guides and lab installation scripts that are designed and delivered by experienced and respected Sybase Certified instructors

    MDA Overview
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    The five in-depth modules cover these tuning topics:

    • Installing and configuring MDA tables
    • Access Methods:
      • Examining how processes are accessing user tables via Table Scans and Indexes
    • Process Tuning: Be able to answer the questions:
      • Why things suddenly slow down in production?
      • Which processes are running?
      • Who is running them?
      • What SQL code are they running?
      • Which user is creating the largest impact on performance right now?
    • Server Tuning
      • Overall ASE tuning
      • Looking at the server as a whole
      • Device layouts, cache usages, what is causing data traffic to slow down
    • Database Tuning
      • Looking at the database as a whole
      • Backups, database usage, heavily hit tables, tables that take up the most room in cache

    Take a look at the course overview and see for yourself!

    This comprehensive course is priced at $1499 per user for a three month subscription, but we have negotiated a discount of $350 bring the cost to just $1149.  And if you are a Green or Gold ISUG Member, your price is even less at just $999!   Companies can click here to learn about our pricing for multiple licenses.


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