ISUG-TECH Board Committees

    The ISUG-TECH Board of Directors is comprised of four primary committees whose roles is to oversee the overall running and governance of the ISUG-TECH association:

    Each committee has its own roles and responsibilities which are critical to the ongoing success of the organization. Every member of the board is assigned to a primary committee, although they may volunteer to serve on other committees as time permits.  In addition, there are several other people who support the organisation in various ways, and also participate on the committees. 

    Committees generally meet once a month by conference call with other business transacted as necessary between meetings

    This committee is comprised of the President, the Secretary and the three Vice Presidents. Additional contributions are provided by the Executive Director.

    This role of this committee is to ensure the smooth running of the association. Each Vice President chairs one of the other three committees, so agenda items are brought by the respective V.P. to the Executive Committee for further discussion. The Executive Committee then refers applicable matters to the full Board of Directors for discussion at the board's monthly meeting which is generally held by conference call.

    This committee is chaired by the Vice President of Finance with additional members of the board volunteering to participate.

    The Finance Committee reviews the organizational budget prepared by the Executive Director and the ISUG staff, and then assists the Vice President of Finance in ensuring that projections are met, necessary adjustments made, etc., during the course of the year.

    This committee is also responsible for approving expenses when submitted for payment. This extra level of monitoring ensures that the goals of the budget are met.

    This committee is comprised of the four Regional User Group Directors (Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America & South/Latin American), the Partner Director, and is chaired by the Vice President of Membership. Additional members of the board also volunteer to participate.

    The committee's focus is on the various ISUG communities -- local user groups, regional chapters, and special interest groups. Our organization thrives only by building strong communities, giving our members the opportunity to learn from each other and share experiences with their peers.

    Naturally, the committee also oversees membership growth, and continues to look for ways to attract new members to the association.

    This committee is comprised of the Benefits, Communications, Enhancements and Partner Directors and is chaired by the Vice President of Business Relations. Additional members of the board also volunteer to participate.

    The committee's role involves handling all marketing aspects of the association, including advertising, external communications, etc., as well being responsible for coordinating ISUG's participation in events, such as TechWave. The committee is also directed to increase the value of ISUG membership through additional membership benefits. These can take the form of tangible benefits, such as free software, events, etc., as well as intangible benefits like discounts, networking opportunities, etc. The committee also reviews the current benefit programs in place on a continuing basis.

    In addition, this committee is also responsible for internal member communications as well as ISUG Partner Program, connecting vendors and members alike.


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