Membership Types

    ISUG-TECH has three different types of membership: Individual, Corporate and Partner.

    Individual memberships are for individual developers or DBAs.

    Corporate memberships are for groups, and include several individual slots for individual employees. Those memberships are owned by the organization so if an employee changes positions, the slot assigned to that employee can be changed to someone else.  Individual memberships stay with the individual even if they were purchased by a company.

    Partner memberships are for vendors with products and/or services in the SAP space.

    Select a membership type to learn more about it.

    Individual memberships are designed for individual developers, DBAs, architects, etc.

    Individuals can join with Basic or Gold benefits. Memberships begin at $179 for one year, with discounts available for multi-year purchases.

    Indivuduals may also choose to become Associate Members. The base associate membership has extremely limited benefits but you can opt to purchase such a membership along with a website subscription that includes access to most things on our website, including our Technical Journal archives, document library, Special Interest Groups (SIGs), etc.

    If your company or organization has multiple developers and/or DBAs then you should apply for a corporate membership. These memberships belong to the company and consist of several slots for individual employees. There are two general types of corporate memberships available:

    Workplace Corporate Membership: This membership consists of 6 individual Gold memberships, meaning that each person who is a part of the membership has their own login to the ISUG-TECH website and their own access to their member benefits.

    Enterprise Corporate Membership: This membership consists of 12 individual Gold memberships. As with the Workplace Corporate membership, each person who is a part of the membership has their own login to the ISUG-TECH website and their own access to their member benefits.

    Both of these group memberships are available in Green or Gold format. If you need more slots for additional employees you should contact us to arrange this.

    The cost for these memberships is $495 for the Workplace Green Corporate and $895 for the Enterprise Green Corporate. Additional members are $99 each. Gold memberships are $595/$995 (+$119) in North America, and $695/$1195 (+$139) elsewhere. (Please note that all amounts are in USD).

    As with the Individual Memberships, Corporate Memberships must be renewed annually. Corporate Memberships can be requested online with the application process. After completing the application you may pay immediately with a corporate credit card, or send a payment via check along with a copy of the invoice generated at that time. Your membership will not be active until payment is received.

    If you have specific questions, please contact us.



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