User Group Information

    ISUG-TECH is a large, global organization consisting of regional chapters across the world. Our members are encouraged to join their closest chapter which provide access to networking and training opportunities of interest.

    But it doesn't stop there. Chapters can be geographcally expansive so there will typically be one or more local user groups which are where members network with threi peers, and share ideas and experiences on a regular basis to help build a thriving local community.

    Local groups are sometimes product-specific (e.g., PBUGs) in order to better serve their members. Most local user groups allow anyone to participate with no member fee.

    And if you can't find a local user group in your area, you can always start one. ISUG-TECH has lots of information on how to do this and how your group can become affiliated with us. It's really easy and straight forward, and can be a very rewarding activity.

    Periodically the local groups in your regional chapter will come together at a larger event where ISUG-TECH will provide expert speakers to help you learn even more. These are exciting events and a wonderful chance to network with experts in your field.


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