Individual Membership

    When you join ISUG-TECH, you become a part of an exciting community of professionals ranging from DBAs to programmers to developers to mobility specialists. The user group is active, vocal, and dynamic; members do not serve as a mouthpiece for SAP, but work cooperatively with the company to comment, suggest, and assist in expanding SAP's outstanding product line.

    So what does ISUG-TECH have to offer its members?

    Being an international organisation, ISUG-TECH recognises that its members are diverse and have differing needs. We have three levels of individual membership:

    • Gold: Members with this package have access to all of the benefits ISUG-TECH offers its members. Gold members also receive discount pricing on all training classes that ISUG-TECH holds. Gold Membership is $299 per year, or $499 for two years.
    • Website Subscription: As the name implies, this gains the member access to the ISUG-TECH website and most of the content contained within (except that related Core and Gold members). Subscriptions start at $69 for 6 months.
    • Associate Reader: This membership contains limited benefits, but does include the online version of the current month's content of the ISUG-TECH Journal.  There is no cost for this membership.
    Where do I sign up?

    You can join ISUG-TECH here and immediately get your website password to allow you to start exploring all that ISUG-TECH has to offer.



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