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    Corporate Memberships

    ISUG-TECH offers group memberships for all businesses and organizations. If you represent or are employed by a business that has multiple users of SAP products, you should consider applying for one of these memberships rather than one or more individual memberships.

    The key difference between our Corporate and Individual Membership programs is that our corporate memberships belong to the business and not the individual.  Under the Individual Membership program, when an individual leaves a company the membership stays with that individual.  The same applies if the member simply changes job responsibilities within the company. But under the Corporate Membership program the membership stays with the purchasing authority and can be assigned to a new staff member!

    ISUG strongly encourages all SAP customers to join the organization to leverage the wealth of knowledge and content available to our members.  It's a great way to reward your employees for very little cost and will pay for itself many times over.

    There are two corporate options available:

    Corporate Gold Membership
    • This option consists of a number of individual Gold memberships. Each person who is a part of the membership has their own login to the ISUG-TECH website, will receive their own copy of the ISUG-TECH Journal, can take advantage of the discounts available with the membership, and may request and receive the free software available.

      Workplace: 5 memberships
      Enterprise: 10 memberships
      Enterprise Unlimited: Entire Company*
    Corporate Subscription
    • This option consists of a number of individual subscriptions, meaning that each person who is a part of the membership has their own login to the ISUG-TECH website.

      Workplace: 5 subscriptions;  Enterprise: 10 subscriptions

      Subscriptions are not the same as full memberships; subscribers get web-only access (content can be viewed but not downloaded), do not receive discounted admission to our conference, have no voting rights at the AGM, etc.

    The cost for these annual memberships is $495/$995 for the Corporate Subscriptions, and $895/$1795/$2495 for the Corporate Gold Memberships. Additional members can be added to Workplace/Enterprise groups. Contact us for more information. In addition, you may purchase 2-year terms for each ($895/$1695, and $1695/$3495). Please note that all amounts are in USD. All of the corporate membership options can be requested online with the application process below. Once approved, an invoice will be generated and sent to the person requesting the membership. Payment will be due no later than 30 days from that time.

    If you are an academic institution or a public sector (government) agency, contact us for special discount information before applying.

    If you have specific questions, please contact us.


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