ISUG-TECH is an organization designed specifically for technologists.

    We're not interested in the high level aspect; we leave that to the business end users and marketing folks to deal with. Technical people aren't really into spreadsheets and pretty presentations; we want to know how things work, and how to make them work faster and more efficiently.

    Our developer members are focused in building top-line applications, be they for large enterprises or mobile devices.

    As a member, not only do you benefit from our commitment to the SAP technical community, but because we are a member-driven organization, the community benefits from your commitment to ISUG-TECH as well!

    As a Regular Member here's how you will benefit:

    • Connect – Network at our local & regional events or connect with your peers in our forums, any time of the day or night (Learn more…)
    • Educate Visit ISUG "U" and explore years of content in the ISUG-TECH Library: articles, tutorials, videos & event replays. Plus a subscription to the ISUG Technical Journal (Learn more…)
    • Influence – Submit enhancement suggestions and influence the future direction of SAP's products (Learn more…)

    Don't forget our full list of member benefits. We are always adding new benefits to this list so be sure to check out new items on a regular basis.

    Most importantly, Show Your Support – ISUG-TECH is an independent (non-profit) entity that is funded through its membership dues and the support of our partners (Learn more…). If you are a technologist using SAP products, join now and show your support!

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    ISUG Member Website

    Launched at TechWave 2005, the ISUG Member Website is an online community of Sybase users from around the world.

    Most ISUG content, including complete details of Sybase and ISUG Events, can be found on that site.

    While ISUG contains to maintain some information on this site, if you really want to know what's going on, then the new Member site is the place to be. This page explains how to access the new site.


    Members, you can login and view news and events that are relevant to you. If you have forgotten your password a new password can be emailed to you.


    Non-members must join ISUG first. This is accomplished by joining one of our regional or local user groups. In most instances, you can join as an Associate Member for free. Events and community details are accessible by Associate Members, but the bulk of our technical content is not. Consider joining as a Regular Member of your local/regional group today to receive complete access to my.ISUG.com.

    Please note that both cookies and javacript must be enabled to make use of the My.ISUG.com website. A cookie is used to track when you logged in (sessions expire after an hour), and if cookies are not turned on, you will be repeatedly sent to the login page. Many pages make use of javascript to display information; turning this off will lessen your experience and prevent you from reading various parts of the site.

    ISUG Enhancements Process

    One of the most important roles played by ISUG members and users of Sybase products is that of helping to improve Sybase products. Through the enhancements request process, you may draw on your own experience to suggest fixes and new ideas for the next release. In order to submit an enhancements request you must be either an ISUG Associate Member (free) or an ISUG Regular Member (paid). However, you will need to be a Regular ISUG member to vote on any enhancements in the system.

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    ISUG Membership Dues

    ISUG is an independent organization and as such is funded through the dues paid by its members, along with the fees paid by our valued partners. We believe that the benefits our members receive from being a part of the ISUG community far outweigh the cost of our annual membership fee.

    And while we do offer free Associate Memberships for people just starting out, we feel it is really important for members to contribute towards the services that they received, because without your support our ability to provide those services is diminished.

    None of our membership fees will break the bank; our top level of membership costs far less than what most people will spend at their local coffee shop every year. And while Starbucks® may satisfy you, it wont provide you with the information you need to earn your next promotion.


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