About the Board

    ISUG-TECH is governed by an all-volunteer Board of Directors. Their goal is to carry out the missions and goals of the organization. They serve in their perspective roles to support and serve the SAP community. They are always working in your best interest and provide a user community voice to SAP. All of the positions on the board are elected by the membership during the bi-annual elections, with the exception of the Secretary, who is appointed by the Board of Directors.  The term of each director is for two years commencing January 1 of the year following their election.

    Board members are volunteers and receive no renumeration for their participation. Most board members are both long time users of SAP software and long time members of ISUG-TECH. They choose to serve on the board in order to give back to the community that has helped them progress in their careers.

    Each board member is assigned to a board committee that is their primary committee. This committee is based upon the position the board member holds. Most board members serve on additional committees as their time permits. More on the individual committees can be found here.

    Board Members

    Executive Officers:

    President - Jeff Gibson, Intercept Solutions, Nashville, TN
    Immediate Past President -
    Joe Woodhouse, Prima Donna Consulting, Melborune, Australia
    Vice President of Business Relations - Bryan Enochs, AT&T, Haymarket, VA
    Vice President of Finance - Cynthia Gill, Houston, TX
    Vice President of Membership - Eric Van Patten, Des Moines, IA
    Vice President of Technologies - Jeremy Chubb, London, England
    Secretary - Cindy Bean, Magnolia, TX

    Regional Directors:

    Asia-Pacific - Joe Woodhouse, Prima Donna Consulting, Melborune, Australia
    Europe, Middle East, and Africa - Ludwin Feiten, Power People IT Services GmbH, Berlin, Germany
    North America - Bruce Armstrong, IDS, Los Angeles, CA
    South and Latin America - Jean-Pierre Dareys, Mexico City, Mexico


    Benefits - Open
    Communications - John Avery, Bradmark Technologies, Houston, TX
    Content - Open
    Partners - Peter Dobler, Dobler Consulting, Tampa FL
    Social Media - David Williams, Leading Resolutions, London, UK
    Director at Large - John Strano, Ivoryton, CT


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