Associate Member Website Subscription

    Associate Members of ISUG-TECH receive very limited benefits, but may purchase an annual subscription to the ISUG-TECH website.

    The subscription includes:

    • The monthly online edition of the ISUG-TECH Journal, delivered via eReader on the Web, plus access to back issues.
    • Participation in ISUG-TECH's online Techcasts and Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
    • Online access to the ISUG-TECH "U" Video Library
    • Full participation in ISUG-TECH forums and mailing lists
    • Ability to influence SAP product direction by voting in the ISUG-TECH enhancement process
    • A subscription to the ISUG-TECH newsletter.
    • Notifications of upcoming meetings and training opportunities.
    • Discounts:
      • Discounts on HP (USA, Mexico only) and Dell (USA only) hardware
      • 20% off QweryBuilder from WerySoft
      • 35% off O'Reilly books

    Please note that this list of benefits can change at any time. New benefits will be made available to our membership base as soon as they become available to us; conversely, benefits that become unavailable to us are removed from this list.

    The Website Subscription package is available to members for just $119 per year, or $199 for 2 years. Or, if you want to start small we offer a 6 month subscription for just $69.

    Ready to join?

    The personal use license permits you to learn PowerBuilder, play with PowerBuilder features, educate yourself about the product, etc. It doesn't permit any form of commercial development, either for profit or not-for-profit.

    In addition, you are required to maintain your green/gold membership in ISUG to continue using the software. The license keys generated are timed and will require periodic renewals (currently once a year). If your membership expires, your right to use the software is revoked. You will also be unable to generate a renewal key.


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