Associate Reader Member Benefits

    ISUG-TECH offers its Associate Members a subset of benefits as members of the Independent SAP Technical User Group:

    • A subscription to the ISUG-TECH  newsletter.
    • View the eReader version of the current month's edition of the ISUG-TECH Journal. 
    • Post questions, and help answer other members' questions on our ISUG-TECH online help forums & mailing lists.
    • Browse other ISUG-TECH online discussion forums & mailing lists.  (This access is read only; you cannot post new threads/emails or respond to existing threads.)
    • Read ISUG-TECH Blogs.
    • View the ISUG-TECH enhancement process.
    • Participate in Quick Polls.
    • Respond to Partner Surveys.
    • Participate in Partner-Sponsored SIGs.
    • Notifications about upcoming educational opportunties from ISUG-TECH & SAP.
    • Notifications about upcoming meetings (local, regional or virtual).

    Please note that all member benefits are subject to change at any time during the course of your membership. New benefits will be made available to our membership base as soon as they become available to us.

    In addition, Associate Members can purchase a full subscription to the ISUG-TECH Website.

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