Core Benefits

    PLEASE NOTE: This Membership has been discontinued. This page remains only as a reference for existing members with this membership type.



    As a full member of ISUG-TECH, you have the right to vote on any matters that are placed before the membership, as well as run for the Board of Directors during elections.

    In addition, you also receive a package of benefits that you can access at any time.

    • A subscription to the monthly online edition of the ISUG-TECH Journal, delivered via eReader on the Web and environmentally friendly PDF
    • 20% discount off a print subscription to the ISUG-TECH Journal
    • Full access to the ISUG-TECH website, including:
    •  $100 off the cost of a pass to the ISUG-TECH annual conference
    • A subscription to the ISUG-TECH newsletter
    • Notifications of upcoming meetings and training opportunities.
      • Discounted rate for ISUG-TECH Chapter meetings
    • Free personal-use member copy of Sybase PowerBuilder 12.6 (download only; includes SQL Anywhere)
    • Discounts:
      • $100 off the price of eLearnIT's comprehensive PowerBuilder training course bundle.
      • Discounts on HP (USA, Mexico only) and Dell (USA only) hardware
      • 20% off QweryBuilder from WerySoft
      • 35% off O'Reilly books
    • Participate in Quick Polls
    • Respond to Partner Surveys

    Please note that this list of benefits can change at any time. New benefits will be made available to our membership base as soon as they become available to us; conversely, benefits that become unavailable to us are removed from this list.


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